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Add to and customize the functionality of Sketch using JavaScript or Objective-C. Modify the document using Sketch’s APIs, add your own user interface or integrate Sketch with your product or other applications.

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Use the sketchtool command-line interface to export assets, inspect documents and run plugins.

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Sketch file format

Generate, modify and process Sketch files directly with the open JSON file format.

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Integrate Sketch into your workflows with the sketch:// URL scheme.

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Getting started

Run a script

Try the Sketch JavaScript API now, directly within Sketch. The code below shows a message at the bottom of your Sketch Document window saying Hello Sketch 👋.

Run script menu

  1. Open a new or existing file in Sketch
  2. Select Run Script… from the Plugins menu or use the keyboard shortcut control + shift + k to bring up the code editor
  3. Paste in the code below
  4. Select Run
const sketch = require('sketch')

sketch.UI.message('Hello Sketch 👋')

Publish a plugin

Use the Sketch Plugin Manager skpm to publish a new plugin or an update of an existing one. This adds your plugin automatically to the Sketch Plugin Directory for review before being listed on the Sketch website.

Export assets automatically

Create assets with a single command with the Sketch command-line interface sketchtool. Quickly generate files for all exportable layers, slices, artboards or entire pages in as many different resolutions as you want.

  1. Open a new file in Sketch
  2. Add a shape or anything else to the canvas
  3. Save the file locally, e.g. App.sketch on your Desktop
  4. Open Terminal and run the following command, which looks up the sketchtool bundled with Sketch and exports all pages of App.sketch.

This will generate an image file called Page 1.png in the same folder you ran the command in.

SKETCH=$(mdfind kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier == 'com.bohemiancoding.sketch3' | head -n 1) && \
"$SKETCH/Contents/Resources/sketchtool/bin/sketchtool" export pages ~/Desktop/App.sketch

Not a developer? Submit an idea

Although you’ll need some programming experience to extend Sketch yourself, you can also submit an idea to let us and the community know how you’d like to see Sketch extended.

Take a look at the list of plugins the community has already built.

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API Reference

View the Plugin JavaScript API reference.

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